Monday, February 13, 2017

How to earn real money on the internet? Part 2

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There are many types of Agencies that accept different content so do not worry if your website is Pornographic, with Pirate Content, etc, since whenever you have good traffic you will have a good remuneration for the Ads part.

With Good Traffic I mean various factors of your visitors, from the country where they come from until the time they are on your website, even if they are frequent visitors to your site or if they are new, usually the highest Cost Each One thousand visitors (CPM) is for English, USA, Great Britain, Australia, etc. But that does not mean that a Latin or Spanish can not make good money on the web, it means that you should try harder and have more visitors to get the same remuneration as a Gringo or otherwise direct your content to A Public in English.

Can I have good content in English if I do not know anything in English?

Yes, if you can, in this case you need money to buy content and it is that there are many people in Sites like Fiver who work selling original content, in addition to asking someone who knows the language that configures the site, Content and Know Something SEO to take traffic gringo to your web page.
To all this there is an alternative that can be more profitable if your audience is the indicated one, to be Your own Advertising Agency, which means that one of your visitors who wants to announce something gives the money directly to you in exchange for a Place on your website, it is negotiable the time that will remain on the site and the size of the advertisement plus it may be better to have more control over your ads.

Through a Service or Product:

This way is undoubtedly much more remunerated as long as your service is useful or your content is unique and attractive to your customers or potential customers, whether or not your site has the possibility of placing an exclusive service for people who contribute money or without Have a website, or offer services by Forums and throughout the internet will be well remunerated if you do well.

The product can be sold both on your site and in Buying and Selling Sites such as Ebay, Amazon, Free Market, etc. You should always focus on a specific audience, you can not drift by waiting to sell something without knowing who you can sell.

This method is mainly good if you have something to share, either knowledge like me in this case or anything that might help the buyer.

After explaining the two main methods to generate money on the Internet I have to insist that this takes time and you will not create a site one day and the next day have $ 10,000 in profits and be happy, the sites that today generate those amounts is Because they reach many people and have good content in addition to a good Remuneration system. In addition a successful site always has to be updated, there is no such thing as creating something once and leave it for life without knowing anything else and still keep generating money, these cases are low money and poor quality, which is enough to Begin to put together to create something serious, great and quality.

If you have ever seen something on the Web such as Fast Money or Super Easy Money or Thing stuff, I'm sorry to say that's totally false for a simple reason, the money you're going to have to pay, you have to have another Other people previously, that person to give their money will want by law of life a good explanation and a good reason to spend their money so for that very reason is that no one will make 1,000,000 dollars in any single site of one Fast way or things like that, the way to make such amounts is to reach many people in a good way with a good Product / Service, that does not mean that there are not many people who have generated very large amounts of money on the Internet, these people Had an idea or a product that was well carried out with an initial investment and a long-term plan.

The ideal thing to start getting Internet income is to have a sum of money and invest in knowledge like this that will save you a lot of time searching and trying besides having a lot of passion and desire to do whatever it is you do on the Internet.

Now after reading this, you will surely be thinking about what is the next step, I tell you that step you already know, is to think in a realistic way to start a business on the Internet and get to It, I recommend you look for Investors if you do not have Money, look for partners if you have money and in any case I tell you that it is better to start with someone with confidence who has the same goals as you.