Monday, February 13, 2017

How to earn real money on the internet?

Before reading this post, there are no magic or secret tricks here, there are no mysteries and there are no turns. To make money on the internet it takes Time or Money to start, in either case you have to have willpower and perseverance, any internet page that promises large amounts of money in a very short time is an attempt to sell us something instead of helping us To make money, It is a good subject to sell or to advertise, who does not want to make money ?, all that we give something by Internet want to receive some reward, Valuable Information, Money, Entertainment, a Social Group of Followers, etc.

Of this you realize when surfing the internet, in most not to say all the sites have some kind of monetization for the authors or the author to obtain a remuneration for their work in the network, this is given in most cases thanks To existing Advertising Agencies that have in their repertoire several Advertisers or also Thanks to a Product or Independent Own Service.

How to earn real money on the internet?

Internet Advertising Agencies:

The most popular surely for its prestige and for the company that the Back Up is Google Adsense, a perfect company if your content is not related to Downloads, Movies, Pornography, etc. Before signing up you should also read the Terms and Conditions, but one day you could get a surprise from Google and is that if they see that your traffic does not do well to advertisers who are the ones who put the money, they go to Delete your account and will not give much explanation, because in fact they do not have to give it.
But apart from There are many more agencies that need your Web Traffic and you need the Money that the Advertisers provide.
The operation of All is the same and has no mystery or much secret:

  • Advertisers (A) provide money to an Advertising Agency that they create suitable for their product.
  • The Agency (a) receives the money and the advertisement that it has to begin to distribute among its Editors.
  • Publishers (e) begin distributing ads on their websites or on any page with valuable traffic that can generate revenue.

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