Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The New Technology of 2017

Every year new technologies are launched, which change the course of innovations that take place. The launch of iPhone and Samsung latest smartphones every year has become a phenomena and smartphone lovers start saving their money as soon as the New Year starts. Similarly, a whole new exciting bunch of products are expected to be launched in 2017.


The first guess in terms of new technologies can easily be made as it is highly predictable. People should expect the launch of the latest smartphones i.e. iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8. While we don’t know much about the devices that are to be launched in 2017 but Samsung and iPhone has announced that it will include new innovations to attract greater audience and to maintain the existing line of customers. 
Samsung smartphone lovers are aware of the new obsession Samsung is trying to show in its smartphones i.e. Samsung has been working on bendable phones since many years. 2017 can be a year when we can actually experience the concept of foldable smartphones. 

AR and VR

Major steps have been taken by technological innovations to transform the way we look at reality through devices. The introduction of augmented reality and virtual reality is by far the most intriguing technologies of 2016. AR and VR received a positive reception by its audience. The launch of Pokémon Go which is an AR game opens up new horizons for application makers to come up with something unique and innovative. The main target of application makers is to incorporate both AR and VR in their applications in order to compete in the new market with modified reality. 


People who are concerned with the marketing department should be pleased to learn that automation will become a bigger mainstay of 2017. Advanced automation will allow automation of tasks that were previously done by humans. Automation might even merge in with the concept of machine learning thus making everything improve faster. However, increased automation might result in unemployment as fewer jobs will be available for the people. 

Launch of Real Internet TV

People who are a diehard fan of TV shows and want access to television shows at any time from any device should be pleased to know that YouTube is already working on this venture. YouTube is all set to launch its live TV package. Amazon and Hulu are also trying to come up with something similar. Cable and Satellite companies would need to distribute their content through free applications rather than through the cable boxes. It will make the things much easier for them. However, all of us need to wait and watch that how the launch of real internet TV works out. 

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Big Data

With the evolution of technologies the concept of big data will also undergo transformation in 2017. It might become visual, empathetic and qualitative. The mass data that is available to us in various kinds of forms can further help us in planning everything effectively. People can execute better marketing campaigns as they can access the humanized big data anywhere and can take help from it. Big data will become more accessible in 2017, which will be beneficial for businesses and individuals. 
What is actually in store for us in 2017 is something we can find out at the end of this year. All we have to do is to wait and watch that how things unfold in the coming months.